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Welcome to The Rant

This blog is all about my regular rants, so if you love a good rant, buckle up.

This site was made to share my rants on a wide variety of topics that I'm interested in. I don't care if you enjoy them, I don't care if you agree, read it or don't - it's my blog and I'll do whatever the fook I want.

My passions include gaming (primarily Xbox, but also some Playstation), watching mixed martial arts (or the UFC for all you casuals), and movies/television. I also rant quite regularly about politics, and unlike most I use logic, reason and facts rather than simply copying opinions spouted from talking heads on your chosen "news" network or written by the sleazeballs at failing newspapers and sites.

If you're easily offended, aren't interested in any of the topics I rant about, or otherwise are unhappy with this site, get the fuck off it then loser.


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