Prominent Figures in MMA

Despite only being around for a quarter of a century, mixed martial arts has an incredibly deep history and the rate at which things change and evolve is astounding. As such, there are plenty of notable figures and fighters in the MMA world, so here is a collection of some of the biggest and most influential characters in the sport’s history.


Read on for short summaries of each important person in the sport, from the UFC's founders to the best fighters of their eras and more. 

Note: fighters that competed in multiple weight classes are placed in the division they spent most of their career in or were more well-known for.

The Pioneers


Heavyweights (265 or under)

Light Heavyweights (205)

Middleweights (185)

Welterweights (170)

Lightweights (155)

Featherweights (145)

Bantamweights (135)

Flyweights (125)

Female Fighters

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