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Cancel Culture: The Hypocrisy of Disney and the Modern Left

Beloved MMA pioneer turned actress Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian for daring to think for herself...who's next?

Though I'm still working on a larger piece focused on the coronavirus and the political insanity that has occurred in the last few months, the blatant hypocrisy and absolute lack of self-awareness surrounding the latest high-profile "cancellation" of an actress daring to speak out against the left's narrative warrants a rant on modern cancel culture.

So let's take a quick look at the buzz surrounding the "controversy" and why once again, cancel culture and the imbeciles that pursue it have proven to be a massive failing of modern society.

This is the post Gina shared on her social media (note these are not her words nor image, she is simply sharing a post she obviously found informative or apt). Critics have gone so far as to claim it is anti-semetic of all things, and accuse her of "belittling" the Holocaust by comparing it to what is currently happening to conservatives across the western world.

The same people that have, for the past four-plus years, accused Donald J. Trump of being the second coming of Hitler and anyone that supports him a Nazi, are now outraged that someone would draw comparisons to Nazi Germany.

The biggest leap of logic here is to claim that Carano is comparing herself or fellow conservatives to Jews during the Holocaust - the post is quite clearly referencing what happened in Germany leading up to the genocide that followed, and anyone claiming that she said conservatives today are being rounded up and exterminated is simply inventing conversation.

The entire point behind the post is to point out the dehumanizing rhetoric that drummed up hatred for the Jewish people in Germany, and it's apparently something many people nowadays are ignorant of.

No, the Nazis didn't suddenly rise to power and start killing Jews overnight as it appears many people now believe - when the National Socialist German Worker's Party first rose to power, there were no grand plans for concentration camps and gas chambers. Instead, the party's hatred for Jews began to slowly but surely creep into public consciousness over time, propaganda disseminated through German media outlets moulding public perception.

Newspaper articles in the late 1920's and early 30's circulated in Germany positing that Jews were "inherently evil" and blamed them for virtually every problem one can think of, most prominently the reparations Germany faced following their defeat in the first world war.

Are Trump Supporters Evil?

Contrast that to today, where prominent liberal websites have featured opinion pieces on the inherent "racism" and evil that are Trump supporters or Republicans in general.

As German's fears of the Jewish "threat" grew, Jews began to be expelled from practicing law, Jewish doctors were removed from health insurance policies and later from practicing medicine entirely, and Jewish members of the military and police forces were purged because they "couldn't be trusted" to be loyal Germans.

Fast forward to today - conservatives have been getting fired left and right for voicing their opinions, from stars in movies or TV shows getting axed for falling "out of line" to everyday middle class workers getting canned for daring to show support online for a certain political candidate.

Universities and even some businesses have begun the practice of checking applicant's social media posts before admitting/declining or hiring people, and now students at multiple universities in the US have begun to demand their institutions rescind degrees earned in the past by prominent Trump supporters.

Just last month at Biden's inauguration, the National Guard was brought in to protect completely legitimate President Joe Biden from non-existent crowds of supposed violent Trump supporters, but not before the FBI "vetted" guardsmen by scanning their social media profiles for posts that would indicate that they were Trump supporters. If they found any "bad" posts (ie. supporting Trump) they were then removed from their duties under the premise that they couldn't be trusted, with calls from media members to extend this policy throughout the military branches.

Similarly, calls for such actions to occur in police forces have also been prominent in the media and amongst leftist circles, with anyone posting support of Trump or his allies accused of "extremism" and viewed as a domestic terrorist threat - ironic considering accounts of actual Trump supporters rioting or killing people are virtually non-existent, yet the media's beloved Black Lives Matter movement and their Antifa allies have been directly responsible for thousands of cases of assault, looting and riots that have led to billions in damages across various cities, and dozens of deaths over just the last few years.

Even the Capitol "riot", which was supposedly the catalyst for the movement to call Trump supporters insurrectionists and terrorists, has more evidence pointing to outside influencers (such as BLM activists like John Sullivan and NBC/NPR contributer and filmmaker Jade Sacker, and even capitol police who opened doors and let the so-called "rioters" in, all captured on video) being the driving force behind the "riot" rather than Trump or his actual supporters, who were still listening to his speech several miles away while the so-called riot occurred.

As tensions grew in Germany in the 30's and antisemitic attacks became rampant, the German government stepped in to help stop the "rising extremism" from Jews (sound familiar?) with hundreds of laws being passed that were designed to monitor and control the Jewish population, from confiscating their firearms and preventing the purchase of guns and other items, to censoring speech that didn't align with their chosen politics.

Today, Democrats and their counterparts in the media are pushing for new domestic terrorism bills to accomplish the exact same thing, including punishing free speech, removing the ability to legally obtain firearms, and preventing political dissidents from serving in government positions.

The Holocaust did not occur in a vacuum, nor did it happen overnight - it was preceeded by years of degrading rhetoric and systematic dehumanization of a targeted group of people, all of which can be found happening right before our eyes today.

Gina's post was not only pertinent to modern times, but the subsequent "cancellation" of her career by Disney and her talent agency just further proved that point - any views that don't fit the chosen narrative are invalid and instead of being argued against (as in a functioning, free society) they must be silenced in order to prevent the spread of "dangerous" thinking.

Censorship isn't hard to find now - while many argue that unlike the government, businesses have the right to refuse service for many reasons including political disagreement, but public platforms are, by law, not given that same room, and businesses are, by law, not allowed to collude with one another against certain individuals or groups.

The most obvious example of this monopolistic collusion is the expulsion of Trump from virtually every social media platform under the sun (including ones he didn't use) following the Capitol "riot", or even more incredibly, the demolition of rising social media app Parler.

Parler, which is essentially like Twitter but without censorship and allows free speech so long as no illegal (ie. threatening harm) action is taking place, was not only removed from both Google Play and Apple's App Store for "failing to police" their users, but even had their company kicked off of Amazon's web servers.

Parler was accused of harbouring people who incited the Capitol incident and of inciting violence - ironically, the FBI and DC police have since come out to conclude that the majority of planning (which if Trump "incited" it that day, how were they planning it beforehand?) took place on Facebook and Twitter groups, yet neither of those apps were kicked off of app stores or had their servers shut down.

In fact, Facebook is far and away the leading platform for the exchange and dissemination of child pornography - so shouldn't they be removed from app stores and have their servers shut off by Amazon? After all, those companies claimed Parler's failure to police content drove them to independently make their decision (all at the same time no less) that it was an unsafe app to distribute, so what's the difference?

Hell, Twitter even refused to remove child pornography and claimed it "didn't violate its terms of service" despite being illegal in virtually every country Twitter is found in - why are they still up?

Public forums such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all have terms and services and user agreements users must agree to, but they must be applied evenly to be given the lawful protections a platform receives (ie. not being able to be sued for content found on their platform that is from their users) - if those terms are not applied evenly, they are supposed to be declared a publisher and thus liable for any content found on their platforms, much like a book publisher is liable for the content they choose to distribute.

While there are plenty of lawsuits pending, there's little hope for the law to prevail when the major corporations have so much money and influence they can even conspire to rig elections and be cheered on by the media while simultaneously claiming Republicans tried to steal the election.

One clearly doesn't need to look very hard to see the blatant double standards being applied everywhere in modern society, but today's case is perhaps the perfect example.

Above is an image shared in 2018 by The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal.

Unlike Gina's post, his directly compares the Holocaust (not the events preceeding it) to modern America and the "kids kept in cages" narrative that media outlets and Democrats attacked Trump's administration for.

Without getting too far into the weeds, the kids in cages story completely falls apart as an attack on Trump when you discover that the law that separates children from adults at border detention facilities was put in place by Bill Clinton to protect minors from traffickers and abusers and has been used ever since - most prominently by Barack Obama, with pictures of detained children from his tenure regularly being shared and attributed to Trump (who actually renovated many of the failing facilities neglected under Obama's admin).

The photo Pascal shared supposedly depicting America in 2018 is actually a photo from 2010 from Israel of Palestinian children waiting at a soup kitchen - so not only is he drawing a direct comparison to the Holocaust and thus belittling it according to Gina's critics own logic, but he's also spreading blatant misinformation.

Not only that, but he more recently shared the image to the right, directly comparing Trump supporters to Nazis, a common theme for liberals over the past four-plus years.

Was Pedro Pascal fired when this was pointed out?



Because he has pronouns in his bio and hates Trump of course. Those on the "right" side are not beholden to the same rules. Their comparisons are rightful and just; anything a conservative says is a lie and is clearly a threat to humanity, a rallying cry for violent racists and fascists (oh how they love using a word they clearly don't understand). This cult-like mentality has led to virtually every oppressive regime in recent history, from Stalin's USSR to Maoist China to, you guessed it, Nazi Germany.

The woke mob that is now supporting Disney for firing the "evil" that is Gina Carano, a woman who has been called one of the sweetest and kindest people you could ever meet by her colleagues on set (including Pedro Pascal himself and The Mandalorian director Jon Favreau), is also apparently unaware of Disney's recent history.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was fired not too long ago after old social media posts of his were discovered that regularly made rather disturbing "jokes" about pedophilia and rape, a rather odd topic to focus on considering he was an aspiring director in a field filled with pedophiles and rapists. After backlash from the public and from actors that worked with him on sets (because hey, he's a typical Hollywood liberal, so those sins can suddenly be forgiven), Disney re-hired Gunn and he's now hard at work making Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

Well that's pretty tame - how about known racist Krystina Arielle being hired this year to host a Star Wars show? Her social media feed includes plenty of posts and videos where she has explicitly stated that all white people are racist and bad - oh right, I nearly forgot, racism against white people doesn't count.

Okay, how about racism against non-white people? Disney has that going for them too, thanks to their pandering to China. Just take a look at their posters for the last Star Wars movie - notice one of the lead actors, John Boyega, featured prominently on the US poster? Well he's downsized drastically in the version the Chinese market received, because well, China doesn't like black people so much.

Speaking of Disney's connection to China, here's the real kicker - Disney filmed one of its recent movies right next to literal modern day concentration camps in Xinjiang, China. Shots of the camps in the background can be seen in Disney's Mulan live-action remake, which was filmed in the province of Xinjiang, now famous for their camps where Uyghur Muslims were detained and tortured.

China has claimed these camps were for "security" and their purpose was to "re-educate" the minority group before allowing them back into society. They accomplished this by arresting and shuttling off Uyghurs by packing them like sardines in trains (hmm, that sounds familiar, I can't quite place from where...) to these camps where they were forcibly confined in abhorrent conditions, subjected to propaganda and torture, females were repeatedly raped and sterilized, and some were simply never heard from again.

But hey, China says they were just re-educating them and nothing bad happened there, so that's good enough for Disney. Hell, they even thanked the officials responsible for the camps in the credits of the movie! If that doesn't show a company dedicated to morality, I don't know what does.

What's Next for Carano

While her firing has certainly (once again) exposed the blatant hypocrisy of the modern left and the utterly ridiculous nature of cancel culture, one can't help but feel sorry for the star that got fired and attacked for stating facts and standing up for herself.

You see, her firing wasn't just over one post - no, she had put herself on the radar when Disney executives demanded she put her pronouns on her social media bios, a vapid attempt to pander to the woke crowd and their delusions. When Gina refused to sell out, social media mobs formed demanding her firing, claiming that she was "transphobic" and anti-LGBTQXYZHSAF+ (or whatever it is now, I think I'm close enough).

Her colleagues stood up for her and Disney didn't cave in (at the time), but according to various sources, the higher ups at Disney (including renowned social justice warrior Kathleen Kennedy, the moron largely responsible for absolutely botching the Disney Star Wars trilogy and a hated figure by Star Wars fans across the globe) were just waiting for an excuse to get rid of her.

A planned spinoff of The Mandalorian that would prominently feature or even star Gina Carano as Cara Dune was supposed to be unveiled late last year but plans were put on the backburner thanks to the "controversy"; the writing was on the wall, but unlike most, Gina stuck to her guns and refused to be silenced or back down, the same fighting spirit she showed in a cage still shining through years later.

A strong possibility is that Disney is forced to reconsider their decision thanks to pressure from the public, who have rallied behind her, and from her peers who have regularly stated how lovely she is to work with, including The Mandalorian showrunner and producer Jon Favreau, who although he smartly stays off social media, is reportedly fuming at Disney and specifically at one Kathleen Kennedy.

It wouldn't be the first time they backtracked after all - James Gunn was forgiven for saying extremely disturbing things about little kids and rape, so maybe Carano can be forgiven for the horrendous crime of being a conservative?

Of course Gunn repeatedly apologized for his past "mistakes" but one has to think, especially after all the shit the media has put her through over the last few months and her history of integrity, that if they demand an apology she'll tell them exactly where they can stick it.

Regardless of whether she returns to Star Wars or moves on to other pastures, there's no doubt she'll land on her feet - if we know anything about the woke mob, their ire just draws more people to support the victims of their wrath and Carano has only bolstered her own following by standing up to it.

Another possibility, given her political leanings and family connections, is getting fully involved in politics herself. On her father's side, the Caranos have strong ties to Nevada casinos with her uncle being the chairman/CEO of Caesar's Entertainment, while on her mother's side, the Cason family owns Rebel Oil, a major brand in Nevada and Arizona.

The obvious move would be a run for governor of Nevada thanks to her family's roots in the state and the current governor's horrendous handling of the "pandemic" which has crippled the Nevada economy; an election is due for 2022.

Another possibility is a run for governor in California, where she currently lives - with Governor Gavin Newsom in the midst of being recalled and the former Democrat superstar becoming one of the most hated governors in the US thanks to his brutal lockdowns that he's been repeatedly caught not following and the fact that California is doing far worse than states that didn't lock down at all (see Florida), her high profile combined with the stage California provides could catapult her political career to great heights.

Whether or not she is willing to put up with the bullshit that is political office is anyone's guess - after all, she's proven to be far too honest for a career in politics - but if anything is certain, it's that genuine, decent people need to get into politics to get rid of the systemic rot that is currently gutting the western world.

No matter what she decides to do, she has a legion of fans ready to follow her and stand up for logic in a world drowning in stupidity.


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