The Truth About COVID-19: Killing Hysteria with Science & Logic

Politicians and "experts" alike that are touting "science" on news programs worldwide are ignoring the facts and what science really says about this pandemic

With the current news cycle and its hysterical coverage of the novel coronavirus, many people are finding it hard to know what to believe when it comes to COVID-19 and the responses to it.

Rather than making informed decisions based on thorough data and concrete evidence, the powers that be instead relied upon theoretical models using assumptions (that have since been proven wildly inaccurate) from rather dubious sources.

As the biggest and most catastrophic overreaction in modern history unfolds, The Rant has issued multiple articles about the coronavirus, which have focused largely on the media's hyping of the lethality and risks associated with the virus, the science that demolishes the common narratives spewed by news organizations and many in the public, and most recently covered why UFC 249's cancellation was blatantly political and in no way supported by science.

In this piece, a more thorough guide to the latest findings and studies is compiled in hopes to provide people with a more cohesive and scientific understanding of the realities surrounding this virus, and the (in)accuracies of many claims one may hear either from the news or word of mouth.

This article will also be periodically updated with new sections posted below with the most recent updates added to the top, keeping you up to date as the science evolves and more data comes in.

UPDATE (May 4, 2020)

Evidence from all corners of the world continues to come in that exposes the lockdowns as ineffective and the models that inspired the lockdown theories as extreme miscalculations.

The notoriously pathetic epidemiologists at the Imperial College predicted that Sweden would pay a hefty price for not imposing lockdowns on their populace, and once again their projections have fallen hilariously flat - it was projected that by May 1 Sweden would suffer 40,000 deaths from COVID-19 and 100,000 by June, yet the latest figure today from Sweden shows the death toll so far is an astounding...2,680.

A new study analyzing the spread of the coronavirus found that the full lockdown policies imposed in western european nations like Italy, Spain, France and the UK had no evident impact on the epidemic, something that has become increasingly clear as time has gone on.

Florida, which has been regularly blasted by the media for its less draconian lockdown measures, released updated graphics showing just how far off the IMHE modeling was in regards to its state, as seen below. Total confirmed infections (not hospitalizations, which are far lower) as of today? 36,897.

While lockdowns continue to hurt the healthy masses and cause massive repercussions, the vulnerable and elderly remain completely unprotected by said lockdowns as care homes continue to be ravaged by the virus. Echoing other reports, this paper found that nursing home residents comprised 57% of all COVID-19 deaths in Spain, 53% in Italy, and 45% in France.

Likewise preventive care and treatment for chronic conditions have fallen by the wayside as the media continues to stoke fear over a virus with a death rate of less than 0.01% for those under 70. The toll these failures will have on people's health will be felt for years and as stated already in this article below, the increase in cancer deaths as a result of the COVID-19 response will far outweigh the number of lives lost with COVID-19 in just a few years' time.

And the myth that children, who have been found to be near-immune to the virus, are spreading it and put their grandparents and other elders at risk? That isn't happening either, as new studies such as this one have found, and in fact, of contact tracing cases conducted by the WHO, not a single case of child-to-adult transmission has been found. But let's keep schools closed indefinitely and heap more stress on the young ones, shall we?

Ironically, the "misguided" theories and evidence-lacking pseudoscience that politicians and media alike have used to tout science and guide their public policies in regards to the pandemic is exacting a massive toll on the science community as well, with labs closed and important experiments being abandoned thanks to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the worst jobs report in US history looms with a loss of around 22 million jobs expected and an unemployment rate nearing 20%, all just two months removed from a spectacular 3.9% unemployment rate at the end of February.

To make matters worse, technology once used to combat ISIS that received funding from the Pentagon is now being used against American civilians for political purposes.

On a more positive note, Israel has announced they've made a breakthrough in isolating antibodies for the virus and are in the early stages of producing commercial quantities of said antibodies that they state neutralizes the virus. I wonder if New York's Bill de Blasio will support an antidote that was developed by Jews?

The amount of people now waking up to the realities of the virus and the complete failures by "experts" from the beginning is increasing by the day - even outlets like the Washington Times are realizing the incredibly overblown response to the virus has and will continue to have catastrophic consequences.

Even the former FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb, who was a staunch advocate for it not long ago, has admitted mitigation "didn't work as well as expected", which flies in the face of the modellers that tried to pass off their drastic projection reductions as proof of effective social distancing.

UPDATE (April 29, 2020)

Showing once again why he is unfit to lead the United States' response during this crisis, Dr. Fauci has now announced that Remdesivir is the new "standard of care" for COVID-19 treatment.

Touting a 31% improvement in recovery time for those given the drug as compared to a placebo (improving the median recovery time from 15 to 11 days comparatively), Fauci and the media at large conveniently left out the fact that no clinically significant difference in mortality rate was found, indicating that even if the drug helps some recover more quickly from the virus, it doesn't appear to reduce the risk of death.

Much like hydroxychloroquine, multiple studies have conflicting reports about the efficacy and safety of the drugs; Gilead's (the pharmaceutical company behind Remdesivir) own study showed no clinically significant improvement in mortality rate as well and that 25% of patients suffered severe side effects from the drug including multiple-organ dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, and acute kidney injury, while another 23% showed signs of liver damage.

The media has touted the on-patent and expensive Remdesivir since it first began making the rounds as a possible drug to treat COVID-19 despite these caveats, while hydroxychloroquine, an extremely cheap, generic drug used primarily to treat malaria that has been around for decades, has been repeatedly attacked as deadly despite its long history as a safe drug with little risk of side effects when used properly.

Plenty of trials have now been put in place in multiple countries, including a small study in France showing significant viral load reduction as well as a larger study from professor Didier Raoult showing similar findings in viral load reduction and low fatality numbers, and even a double-blind study in China (though it being from China means it should be taken with a grain of salt), as well as the drug being touted by many practicing physicians.

Most of the results from hydroxychloroquine studies have not yet been published, with ongoing large-scale trials occuring in Australia, Canada, and the US to name a few.

Despite these promising early results, the media has repeatedly stoked fear of the drug - everyone of course remembers the media's illogical trashing of Trump for his enthusiasm about the promising treatment after it supposedly led to a couple taking fish tank cleaner, which is now looking more and more like a case of deliberate homicide that the media pounced on for cheap political theatre.

As it's a drug that's been around for years, hydroxychloroquine and its sister drug chloroquine (hydroxychloroquine is safer and more widely-used) are well-known and studied with clear guidelines and known risk levels for side effects. It's not recommended for long-term use and more specifically, large dosages, yet that hasn't stopped the media from issuing fearful headlines from studies in places like Spain and Brazil which prescribed much higher dosages of chloroquine than recommended to patients, causing them to suffer heart attacks and put an end to their trials.

Likewise, Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson made much-publicized remarks about how she experienced severe side effects from chloroquine while recovering from COVID-19 - the problem is, the side effects she described fit the effects of COVID-19 and not chloroquine, yet the media conveniently ignored that distinction.

Most recently a retrospective study on the use of hydroxychloroquine on Veteran Affairs patients has made the rounds on the news with the findings that hydroxychloroquine increased risk of mortality and had no positive effects - rather than offering any realistic analysis of the study which has been ripped apart by other academics, the media simply used the study's author's conclusions to once again stoke fears about the treatment.

The problems with the study are numerous, but most importantly, reading the study itself will give you an idea of just how little weight the conclusions have.

The study acknowledges that hydroxychloroquine was only given to veterans at higher risk of death or with more severe symptoms (it was a retrospective study after all, not a controlled one) meaning that the fact that more died while on hydroxychloroquine was to be expected and is even stated by the authors.

The study also made no mention of zinc being used along with hydroxychloroquine, only stating the three "groups" of patients they analyzed included those given hydroxychloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, and neither of the two. If zinc was not given in conjunction with the other drugs, that would be a pretty key omission as zinc plays a pivotal role in the entire premise of the treatment.

Not to mention that one of the authors of the study has a patent application pertaining to the coronavirus and another took a research grant from Gilead (Remdesivir's creator), which is again info found in the study itself provided above (the authors of course claimed these competing interests were unrelated to the study).

In other news, new figures from the Bureau of Prisons in the United States show that nearly 2000 out of the 2700 inmates tested (over 70%) across federal prisons have tested positive for the novel coronavirus - applying the 70% rate across the nearly 150,000 federal inmates the Bureau of Prisons oversees, with the 30 deaths reported thus far, would give an estimated mortality rate of just 0.02%, though of course that may rise if many of the infections are new.

A group of Swiss and American researchers are estimating that conservatively, 2.1% of Switzerland's population will suffer an average of 9.79 years of life lost just as a result of the mental and emotional toll three months of lockdowns will have on the population - and that's explicitly related to mental health issues, not including other health issues caused by unemployment and the other effects of the lockdowns.

In the latest bit of pandemic irony, the WHO has lauded Sweden's model in combating the virus, which unlike virtually every other country refused to implement any stay-at-home orders or restrictions.

And of course, it would be a mistake to not share how overworked the nurses in the US are, who are so absolutely swamped that hundreds of videos have been making the rounds online of nurses dancing and playing around in the "trenches". And people wonder why nobody trusts the news or governments anymore...

ORIGINAL (published April 27, 2020)

The Lockdown Mythology: The Entire Theory in a Nutshell

The most common myth that has come from the current coronavirus hysteria is that staying at home is somehow saving lives.

The theories regarding forced social distancing and the "lockdowns" of citizens in western countries have all focused intently on "flattening the curve".

Without getting too mathematical, the basics are very simple - if you are to draw a simple graph showing the number of cases as time passes, you will note with any viral outbreak that the curve you have drawn sharply rises, "peaks" or plateaus, and then falls as time goes on.

Adding a straight line to represent the amount of hospitalizations a region or country's health care system can handle, if the curve representing the virus at any point reaches above the health system's line (capacity), then "excess" deaths will occur - essentially, hospitals won't be able to provide care for the amount of people requiring hospitalization at once, leading to people dying that could otherwise be saved, whether it be from the pandemic itself or other illnesses, accidents, etc. that they cannot get treatment for because of the strain on hospitals.

The entire premise of flattening the curve via social distancing and lockdown procedures is not to limit the amount of people getting the virus - in fact, the entire theory assumes that the exact same number of people will be infected in either case - it instead seeks to limit the amount of people getting the virus at one time, spreading infections out and thus never overloading hospitals.

This twenty second video below shows this concept in a very simple and easy to understand manner.