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Welcome to the Scientocracy: The Ugly Truth About Covid, the Vaccines, and Your Government

A wise man once said the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: "I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help."

Boy, did Orwell call it or what?

Ol' George's 1984 was meant to be a warning to society, but it now appears to have been used more as a step-by-step instruction manual by those in power.

For us common folk, we currently live in an incredibly dumbed-down society filled with people who entrust "fact-checkers" and big tech corporations to inform them of what is true and what isn't. People who think they know about history because they got an A in social studies in high school; who think they know about politics because some talking heads on TV told them who the bad guys are and who the good guys are; who think they understand economics because they took a business class in college once.

And then there's the people who believe in "the science" - not in the scientific method, or in forming opinions based on data and evidence published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, but in what "trusted" scientists tell them in interviews and public statements on the news. After all, how could a "public health expert", virtually all of whom are career bureaucrats that have accomplished nothing in their field themselves, possibly be wrong or providing false info?

We live in truly insane times and until more people stand up to the nonsense, it's only going to get worse. And if history tells us anything, it's that the opportunity to stand up before it gets to a point where only violent revolution will change anything is extremely limited.

From Nazi Germany to Stalin's USSR to Maoist China, societies such as the one we're living in have gone down this path before, and it has always led to mass bloodshed and immense suffering.

Fortunately, there are plenty of people standing up to tyranny and stupidity in all of its forms - but in order to recognize the problems we as a society are currently facing, people must first be made aware of what's truly going on and of the flaws of what they're being spoonfed by their government and the useful idiots in the media.

That's where this article comes in. In it, you'll find plenty of information and links to sources about a variety of topics including the COVID "vaccines" and passports, lockdown and masking policies, the virus itself, and the history behind many of the "new" political strategies being employed that have us on our current trajectory toward a fully Orwellian world.

I implore all readers to not only take a look at the information provided, but to do your own research and come to your own logical conclusions. Don't rely on anybody else to do the work for you - after all, that's largely how we've gotten ourselves into this mess...

The Coronapocalypse

This is far from the first time I've written about the dreaded "covid" virus on this site, but considering it's being used as justification for just about every totalitarian measure under the sun and has a large section of society living in fear, it's kind of impossible to ignore.

As far as viruses go, SARS-CoV-2 (or COVID, or COVID-19, or "the" coronavirus - from now on I'll simply refer to it as "covid" for simplicity) is historically rather mild. Before anyone gets their pitchfork out, consider this - the infection fatality rate (ie. the percent of people who die after becoming infected) in the US is currently estimated to be 0.27% overall, but just 0.05% for people under the age of 70. The average flu season is estimated to have an IFR of approximately 0.1% overall for comparison.

And that number has been continuously dropping given that policies and conditions in many states (and indeed countries around the world) made the elderly in nursing homes particularly prone to death early on during the outbreak.

The current rhetoric is that the "Delta" variant is more deadly, but all data seems to indicate that while it is indeed more transmissible, there is no data available to suggest that it is any more deadly than than the Alpha strain and is much more likely to be less deadly (except perhaps to vaccinated people, but more on that later).

Now on the subject of deaths, one can't help but mention the strong probability that deaths in certain areas are drastically inflated or at the very least wildly misleading.

For example, the United States is home to approximately 4.2% of the world's population, yet records a staggering 14.5% of the world's "covid deaths" (as of time of writing). China, which has four times the population, officially accounts for less than 0.1% of worldwide deaths despite being the origin of the virus and having far inferior medical care.

Some have credited China's drastic lockdowns (which only occurred in certain regions and outbreaks in other provinces were ignored), or that Americans are simply less healthy given their high obesity rates and the fact that covid appears to be more severe for the obese, however these factors can't even come close to explaining the astronimical statistical gap and other countries that followed China's model (like Peru, or New Zealand which has the added benefit of being an island) have completely failed to contain the situation. Even Japan, which has a far smaller population than China and has the second longest life expectancy in the world, has racked up far more deaths than China.

To point out the obvious aspect of the covid death counts that are thrown around constantly in the media being misleading, most people logically believe that in order to be counted as a death from a virus, they must have actually died because of the virus. Well, that simply isn't the case.

In most countries, including the United States and Canada, a death is added to the covid totals if the victim has tested positive for the virus in the past X amount of days prior to death (it varies by country, but in the US for example the CDC currently counts it within 28 days).

We've all heard outrageous stories of people dying in accidents that are later recorded as covid deaths, and all of that is made possible by the broad definitions being used to purposefully embellish the statistics surrounding the virus.

Ignoring the problems around the testing itself and the false positives that regularly occur, this method of recording deaths means that people who may not have had any symptoms of covid, may have already recovered from covid (since the tests can still flag them even months later), or otherwise may not have had their deaths contributed to by covid at all are included in the death tallies.

And then there's the issue of people that are already dying of different diseases or ailments that then pick up covid - did they really die of the stage four lymphoma that they went to the hospital for, or was it the covid infection they picked up in the hospital right before they passed away and exhibited no signs of?

The CDC itself acknowledged in a study published earlier this year that roughly two thirds of covid deaths in the US had six or more comorbidities at their time of death (a comorbidity is another disease or condition present at time of death), which is also made less surprising by the fact that the average age of death from covid in countries around the world is virtually universally above 80 years old.

One of the most cited scientists in the world, John Ioannidis found that covid deaths were overcounted in places with high testing and sensitization, though they were undercounted in places like...Africa.

Similarly, with hospitalizations being widely used as a metric to measure covid outbreaks, other studies found that nearly half of pediatric hospitalizations were incidental as while they may have tested positive, they had mild or asymptomatic symptoms and instead were hospitalized purely for other ailments. A Canadian study found just over a third of pediatric covid hospitalizations from over 30 hospitals were actually in the hospital for covid, pneumonia, or anything similar.

That overcounting is echoed in adult admissions as well, such as in a recent study of VA hospitals, which found nearly half of "covid" hospitalizations had only mild or asymptomatic covid and were instead hospitalized for other conditions.

Just imagine for a moment that before covid was even heard of, a faulty test that regularly spouted false positives and often picked up "infection" long after a person had recovered (sometimes for months after) for the flu was created and rolled out worldwide. Then, anyone with a positive flu test within, say 28 days since that's the number used in the US, is counted as a flu death, regardless of what they actually died from or if they even had a single symptom of the flu.

Every flu season would look like the end of the world - and that's exactly what is happening here, the equivalent of a bad flu season manipulated to look like a great plague. Adding to the mystery is the fact that the flu has virtually disappeared - countries are reporting next to zero flu deaths and infections, weird huh? Some have said that's because the covid measures are working and covid is just harder to contain, but the flu has disappeared from states and countries that had no restrictions just the same as fully locked down areas.

Here's a simple question to ask yourself: if scientists hadn't classified covid as a new virus and had instead simply labelled it as a new strain of influenza, and the afforementioned testing hadn't been adopted, would you even know there was anything scary going on?

Perhaps you'd hear news anchors reminding you to wash your hands and stay home if you're sick (solid advice for any time of year), and maybe some reports of the flu season being especially tough this year, but life would have gone on as usual in our society and the needless suffering brought on by our reaction to this "pandemic" wouldn't exist.

Lockdowns - Breaking Society and Putting the Burden on the Young

Traditionally with the flu, pneumonia and other respiratory viruses, the elderly and the very young are hit the hardest - the young as their immune systems are still only developing, and the elderly because their systems aren't working as well as they used to.

As we've known since the early days of the covid outbreak however, with this virus the elderly are by far the hardest hit and most at risk, while surprisingly, children are virtually immune to the virus and are more at risk of dying or being hospitalized with the flu during an average flu season.

That makes the "lockdown" approach employed across the globe all the more infuriating.

Instead of targeted measures to protect the elderly and immunocompromised, the entire population is being forced to disrupt and in many cases ruin themselves despite no evidence suggesting that their sacrifices have actually saved anyone.

Rather than running basic cost-benefit anaylses of lockdowns, governments around the world focused on covid as if it were the gravest threat to humankind, with many "public health experts" likening it to the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu was the last truly major pandemic that had an approximate infection fatality rate of over 3% (more than ten times the current estimate for covid, and unlike covid, it killed millions of children and young, otherwise healthy people).

The benefits of these "temporary" lockdowns were supposed to be to "slow down the spread" of the virus so hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed - then that shifted to the belief that lockdowns could eliminate the virus entirely (see New Zealand and Australia) and other similar non-sensical and non-scientific views.

The costs? Only economic ruin, rapidly rising inflation, the utter decimation of small businesses, worldwide hysteria and anxiety, failures to treat or find other more dangerous diseases like cancer in people that were too scared (or not allowed) to visit hospitals for routine screenings and tests, delayed or reduced quality of care for other medical issues, increases in depression, alcohol and drug abuse, failing educational and societal development for children, and more.

Oh, and the "temporary" lockdowns have been going on for 18+ months even after the "magic bullet" vaccines have become widely available and injected into the majority of the population (more on that shortly).

The costs on our societies of course were never factored into the decision-making of our political leaders and our unelected "public health experts" - at best, their sheer incompetence made them focus entirely on the virus and blinded them to the repercussions that the lockdowns brought; at worst, the allure of power and control, along with the self-importance it appears to inspire in lockdown advocates, made them simply ignore the costs as necessary harms to achieve their goals.

In Canada, child abuse, suicide attempts, and mental disorders amongst children have all skyrocketed in the past 18 months, all to "protect" everyone else from a virus that is less deadly to children than the flu and predominantly kills people in their eighties and nineties.

In British Columbia, which has already been going through an overdose crisis for many years, overdoses have far outnumbered covid deaths during the same time span. In fact, 1011 overdoses were recorded in the first half of this year alone, nearly a 34% increase over 2020's already record numbers. At this rate, overdoses in 2021 alone will overtake the total number of covid deaths in BC (1,873 as of time of writing) since the pandemic began.

Yet instead of doing anything productive to try and curb drug abuse, which kills predominantly far younger people than covid, the BC government is continuing to double down on lockdowns and other strategies while putting out ads telling Canadians to "use drugs safely" at "safe-injection" sites and actively provides free needles to users.

In Japan, which has long been recognized as one of the healthiest nations in the world and boasts the second-highest life expectancy next only to Hong Kong (though with China's recent takeover of Hong Kong, that title will likely be vacated soon), suicides skyrocketed amongst the younger generations, with excess suicides alone far outnumbering covid deaths in those demographics throughout the entire pandemic.

And then of course there are the costs to the economy and thousands of small businesses that were demolished in the process, with a very real human (and health) impact that will be felt for generations to come. An entire article can easily be written just on that aspect and the needless deaths that will come from the west's "anti-covid" measures, along with the massive economic impact and how that effects a population's mental and physical health, but just to sum up the sheer stupidity of it all, here's a fun fact:

The province of Ontario, as of March of this year (and that tally has increased exponentially since then), had spent 82x more on lockdowns and other covid "measures" (over $51 billion) than it did on the entire costs of treating patients with covid (and again that likely includes plenty of patients that weren't hospitalized from covid). For that price, they could have built dozens of mega-hospitals and proper nursing home facilities to replace the horrendous ones that have failed Canadian citizens in the worst ways possible.

Speaking of nursing homes, despite being home to a fraction of one percent of our population, nursing homes have seen the majority of covid deaths in Canada, just like most other western nations. Not too long ago, Canadians were shocked to discover the conditions at many nursing homes that saw high death tolls during the pandemic, and downright maddened to hear that it wasn't the virus that took many of these poor souls' lives - but human negligence and cowardice.

We're currently hearing stomach-churning testimony in public hearings in Quebec that shows how covid was listed as the cause of death for dozens of residents at one care home when they actually died of thirst, malnourishment, and neglect, and that after the government was made aware of the situation and took over the private nursing home, things didn't improve for the patients that survived.

But what about the supposed benefits of all these measures, you ask? Surely they must be amazing after all the damage these measures have cost us? After all, these lockdowns were supposed to stop or at least slow the spread of the virus, thus allowing governments time to prevent the overflowing of hospitals and excess deaths from lack of care!

Well, throughout this pandemic, overflowing hospitals unable to care for excess patients never happened even in non-lockdown countries and states, besides small areas of Italy and Spain. Even New York, which regularly requires temporary overflow areas during bad flu seasons and even had a Navy medical ship docked to take excess patients, didn't require their overflow facilities.

Multiple studies, without even going into the morality and "logic" of the lockdowns in the first place, have shown that lockdowns have killed more people than they could have possibly saved.

And yet, instead of ever admitting mistakes or "allowing" their citizens to go back to living in their constitutionally guaranteed free society, our leaders and their chosen "experts" repeatedly double down on their disastrous policies that have failed at every turn.

Hell, mask mandates have been roundly re-instated in most countries and states in the western world even post-vaccine (in places where they ever removed the mask mandates in the first place), despite the fact even the overtly political CDC has been forced to admit that there is no proper scientific study available showing that masks are in any way effective in stopping or reducing the spread of covid or any other respiratory virus.

There are tons of examples of mask mandates being implemented and the media praising the country/state for doing so, but then falling silent when cases surge despite near universal masking, such as in Israel, the Phillipines, Mongolia, and plenty of others. Direct comparison of states also proves the mask argument is useless, as regardless of policies case curves are nearly identical (based on region of course).

That hasn't stopped governments from imposing mask mandates on the public and strong-arming businesses into doing the same to their customers.

Even in "less" locked-down areas of Australia, police still hand out massive fines to people on beaches if they aren't wearing masks. That's right, young, healthy people out in the sun, which is arguably the safest possible place they could be in order to not get covid, are being forced to wear masks in the summer heat which due to our breath act as petri dishes for bacteria and only add to possible infections.

Anyone that still believes any politicians or "public health experts" actually believe in their bullshit mask policies has clearly been living under a rock for the last year and a half. Instances of these people being caught without wearing masks, or hastily putting them on before the cameras begin rolling, have been a dime a dozen for quite some time now.

Hell, the rich's tax-haven called the Met Gala went down just the other day and featured all of the working class servants in masks while celebrities walked around maskless for their photoshoots and upper class mingling. If you haven't figured it out yet, here's an easy saying to remember your place - rules for thee, but not for me.

And then there's the entire "social distancing" stupidity, with an arbitrary distance of six feet being set as the standard to reduce the risk of transmission.

There is not a single scientific study showing any benefit of social distancing whatsoever, whether someone be standing two feet or two hundred feet away.

Outdoors, viral transmission is extremely rare and unless an infected person coughs or sneezes right in your face, the risk of being infected is next to zero.

Indoors, there is no discernable difference between distancing of six feet or sixty, as an MIT study showed, and there was never any scientific backing to the "rule" in the first place, besides a few scientists having untested "theories" about it.

Covid "Vaccines" - The Truth Behind the Bullshit

And so we arrive at the vaunted "vaccines", big pharma's mighty magic bullet that would save us from certain death and return us to "normal".

I've already written at length about the so-called covid "vaccines" here, but for a quick summation: these "vaccines" use a completely new technology (mRNA) that was approved in record time despite having dozens of prior potential vaccine trials on animals over the past two decades fail. There are no long term studies of any kind available for these new vaccines nor the technology behind it, and it is for all intents and purposes (including legally), an experimental medical treatment.

They were also rushed to manufacturing despite the two mRNA vaccines being created by companies that have never sold a product or had a medical treatment/vaccine approved, yet just so happened to pour their resources into coronavirus vaccine development before the covid virus was even identified - those companies are Moderna, a relatively new pharma company, and BioNTech, a smaller startup that created Pfizer's vaccine (they entered an agreement to have Pfizer manufacture, market, and distribute their creation given Pfizer's vast resources in exchange for profit sharing).

These shots do NOT (and have never claimed to - politicians and "public health experts" however, regularly state otherwise) prevent or reduce the rate of infection and the spread of the virus - unlike natural immunity, of which reinfection has been confirmed in astronimically few cases worldwide (typically amongst chemo patients or the otherwise immunocompromised). In the UK, just 53 confirmed cases of reinfection occurred (out of over 4 million total cases) and none got severely ill the second time.

Natural immunity, as expected given the strong and lengthy immune response present in Sars-COV-1 survivors, has proven to be extremely robust and far superior to the meager protection offered by the jabs. Multiple studies conclude that natural infection, even for infections from long before vaccines were available, offers far better protection than any of the vaccines.

The "experts" in the media and in our governments roundly claimed that if the majority of the population (Fauci put the number at 75-80%) was vaccinated, we would effectively achieve herd immunity. Yet highly vaccinated countries like Israel which surpassed vaccination of 80% of their population, are seeing far more cases and more deaths now than they did exactly one year ago, prior to any vaccines being administered.

For example, the United States, which has had varying levels of lockdowns and freedom amongst its states, has high vaccination rates across the country, yet weekly death averages are up nearly 100% since the same time last year, before vaccines rolled out. Similarly, Israel is struggling to rationalize how their extremely-high adoption of "highly effective" vaccines is somehow resulting in another wave of deaths and record case counts.

Continuing with Israel, the current "wave" has seen nearly two times as many vaccinated deaths as the unvaccinated, which is to be expected when the majority of the population is vaccinated; however, the case fatality rate has remained roughly 0.7% according to data from the Ministry of Health in Israel, for both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated (the case fatality rate will always be higher than the earlier mentioned infection fatality rate, as CFR counts only confirmed cases and doesn't take into account suspected or estimated mild/asymptomatic infections).

If you were to assume an 85% efficacy of the Pfizer vaccines (which is what Pfizer claimed and are the vaccines most Israeli citizens received), the current wave's CFR should have jumped to over 2.5% in the unvaccinated - considering the CFR for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated are virtually identical, the real efficacy of the vaccines is likely to be much close to 0 than it is to 85%.

Now that the vaccines are being exposed more each day as highly ineffective, the narrative has shifted to "the vaccines work really well, but they wear off after a short period of time" (as many like myself predicted - though admittedly I predicted yearly shots, not one every few months).

Enter booster shots.

Despite the "boosters" being another shot of the same thing, and the fact that more adverse reactions (more on that shortly) occur after the second dose, boosters are being hastily shoved through "safety" evaluations in an effort to make big pharma more billions while they pretend to be helping people.

Pfizer has previously commented that three shots will likely be needed per year, but the latest study out of California suggests that the average length of efficacy of vaccine antibodies was just 73.5 days - or a little over two months.

How do bi-monthly boosters sound to you?

Covid Vaccines - More Potent Killer than Covid?

These vaccines aren't just ineffective however - they have already proven to be more harmful than any widely distributed vaccine in human history, despite it being for a virus that poses very little risk to the vast majority of the human population.

In the 1970's, an H1N1 swine flu vaccine rollout was stopped in the US after killing a total of 32 people (and causing great harm to many others).

Skip to today, and just eight months into 2021, nearly 14,000 covid vaccine-related deaths were registered in VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which is used to track vaccine injuries and deaths in the US, and has long been accused of vastly underreporting events).

To put that into perspective, the graph below via the CDC shows how in just eight months the covid vaccines have managed to kill more Americans than every vaccine administered in the United States for the past 31 years combined.

VAERS is well known to be criminally underused in tracking adverse events, with prior estimates coming in at just 5-10% of the real figures - one group in the US however is openly challenging the CDC and lawmakers based on this.

The group calculated that (as of the end of August) at least 150,000 Americans have been killed by covid vaccines - they arrived at this figure by essentially estimating the amount of underreporting that occurs by comparing other reported values for known adverse events versus what would be expected if the numbers were similar to the rates found in phase III trials of the vaccines, then applying that estimated multiplier to the reported deaths.

Whether the claim that over 150,000 deaths were caused by the vaccines in the US alone is accurate is nearly impossible to tell, but the group has offered a $1 million reward to anyone that can prove their math is incorrect and thus far no one has come out to argue against it. The CDC thus far has responded by simply arguing that VAERS is a flawed system that can't be used to appropriately estimate such things (which then begs the question of why it exists in the first place, and fails to address why these new vaccines are being reported as causing deaths and severe events in drastically larger rates than any prior vaccine).

From big pharma's own studies, we see more questionable omissions and a glaring lack of scrutiny by the bureaucrats in charge of protecting the public from unsafe drugs.

Analyzing Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)'s phase III trials, it would appear that the vaccines reduce the number of severe covid cases and deaths related to covid - what they ignore however are the rather significant amount of severe health events recorded in their vaccinated groups versus their control groups - which are ignored simply because they aren't related to covid.

All three trials showed far more severe adverse health events happened in the vaccinated groups compared to the groups given a placebo, and the Pfizer study even recorded one more covid death in the vaccinated group (15 to 14) with twenty total deaths from all causes in the vaccinated group and the same 14 in the control group. Not exactly evidence of an effective or safe product, is it?

As for side effects, well you've probably heard plenty about heart problems already, primarily myocarditis, which has been found most commonly in teenage boys and young men. A new report estimates the risk of myocarditis for 12-15 year old boys following vaccination (they should definitely not be getting this vaccine in the first place) is approximately 1 in 5000, which may sound very small, but consider that it's approximately four to five times their risk of being hospitalized from covid.

And then there are the unknowns, many of which we may not know for years - the FDA's "approval" documents for Pfizer's shot note that the vaccine was not evaluated for its ability to cause or increase risk of cancer, its potential to cause DNA or chromosomal damage, or impair male fertility (see section 13.1 here).

A study shows that nearly 35,000 women complained of more painful/irregular periods following vaccination in the UK alone, but don't worry, Pfizer's documents state a study done on rats apparently showed no vaccine-related effects on female fertility, so everything should be fine and that's perfectly acceptable according to the FDA. Seems legit, right?

The Elephant in the Room Named ADE

Now for perhaps the scariest aspect of the new mRNA vaccines (yes, there's more) - the potential for ADE.

ADE, or Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, in simple terms, is essentially a term used to describe when antibodies (developed either from a prior infection or from a vaccine) recognize a pathogen but instead of neutralizing it, actually help it infect more cells than it would on its own.

This is different from a "breakthrough case", which is a term you've probably heard referred to in the media, which is what occurs when vaccinated individuals get seriously ill from what they're vaccinated against (which is extremely common with these covid vaccines) instead of having a mild or asymptomatic infection, which is the goal of these vaccines. A breakthrough case indicates that the vaccine may not have worked at all or simply didn't produce enough protection.

With ADE however, the virus is actively aided by the antibodies present in the body - meaning that the patient would have actually been better off not being vaccinated in the first place. Though this very rarely happens with natural immunity, vaccines have a higher tendency to have this occur, and in the past vaccines that can cause ADE have stopped being used as soon as it was found to occur.

Coincidentally, mRNA vaccines have been in development for around two decades, yet no prior mRNA vaccine had ever made it to human trials, despite them regularly showing impressive immune responses in lab animals. Why, you ask?

Well, because when the animals were introduced to "wild" strains of the viruses they were vaccinated against (for example, infected with the "Delta" variant rather than the original "Alpha" covid strain), the trial vaccines induced ADE.

With these new covid vaccines, that somehow was solved (or, more likely, simply ignored) - but we're already seeing strong indicators that ADE may very well be occurring.

Data released by the UK government actually suggests that those infected with the Delta variant that were fully vaccinated were five times more likely to die from it than the unvaccinated.

This coincides with a report here that finds antibodies present in severe covid cases have extremely high antibody levels, suggesting that either the antibodies aren't working or, perhaps, are aiding the infection.

While it's too early to say if these new "vaccines" are indeed inducing ADE, and given the absolute chaos that will unfold if these vaccines that have been injected into billions of people are found to actually make the virus worse, we may not find out anytime soon: the longer trials that actually examine this won't conclude for several years (2023 at the earliest in Pfizer's case).

The fact that we're already seeing ridiculous amounts of breathrough cases and indicators of ADE however, should be extremely concerning to everyone.

The Vaccine "Approval" Debacle

If you've followed the entire vaccine saga, you're probably well aware that in the United States, the covid vaccines were granted "Emergency Use Authorization" by the FDA (in Europe, Canada, and most other countries they were given similar emergency authorizations to allow the non-approved experimental vaccines to be distributed).

An EUA is granted when an "emergency" situation is declared and allows governing bodies to authorize unapproved products or treatments to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious diseases or life-threatening conditions. One of the key tenants of these EUA's in the US (and in virtually every other developed nation) is that there can't be an already approved treatment available - after all, if there's a product deemed safe and effective that's already ready, using an experimental drug would simply be an unnecessary risk.

Understanding this aspect of the EUA process should be setting off an "aha!" moment for many reading this - the media and "public health experts" have launched coordinated attacks on other possible treatments since the pandemic began, not only because it would bite into the massive vaccine profits of certain influential companies, but because it could have eliminated the vaccines from being released for years to come (if ever).

We already saw this before the vaccines were distributed when hydroxychloroquine, a dirt-cheap generic drug safely used for decades to treat malaria and a host of other ailments, was smeared by since-retracted studies claiming increased rates of death. And then there was the ridiculous "fish tank cleaner" story that promoted the hoax that people were taking fish tank cleaner as a covid cure because it contained hydroxychloroquine (at far above human-safe doses) - of course further inspection of that incident in Arizona since then reads much more like intentional homicide than of people being duped by a "fake cure", but most people don't care for pesky details.

Now we're seeing these same attacks launched on Ivermectin - another extremely cheap and highly effective drug that has been safely used for years for a variety of illnesses and one that was previously hailed by the scientific community as a wonder drug, even leading to the creators receiving a Nobel prize in 2015.

The anti-parasitic has already shown in many studies (including ones long before covid came around) to have strong anti-viral properties that indicate it could be used to treat a variety of viruses, including a variety of RNA viruses like HIV, influenza, dengue, Zika, and now covid.

An Israeli double-blind study of Ivermectin shows that administering the drug reduces the diseases' duration and even infectiousness (something not seen in the vaccines) and, even better, the treatment for each patient can be provided for under a dollar a day.

Countries that have adopted Ivermectin have seen rather impressive declines in deaths and hospitalizations - Peru for instance, which is currently #1 in deaths per capita (and have had some of longest and strictest, military-enforced lockdowns in the world - go figure) saw massive 14x declines in deaths for a three month period when Ivermectin was used. However, after a new president was sworn in, they stopped the Ivermectin campaign and switched to other treatments which almost immediately saw death rates spike once more to pre-Ivermectin levels.

In Japan, a country renowned for their health and rather conservative medical practices, the Chairman of Tokyo's Medical Association recommended Ivermectin to be used for all covid patients - I wonder why that wasn't anywhere on mainstream news channels?

A cheap and simple fix simply isn't something most governments or certain unscrupulous pharma companies want, and the coordinated attacks on such effective treatments are becoming more and more glaringly obvious.

Like hydroxychloroquine was labelled as a fish tank cleaner, Ivermectin has now widely been labelled as a "horse dewormer" by major media publications.

Just like most other medical products, human drugs have been found to be effective when used in animals as well either in similar or wholly unique applications. Penicillin for instance, is widely used by vets as an antibiotic just like it is used in humans - have you ever heard penicillin described as a canine antibiotic? No, but you've probably heard of Ivermectin being described as a horse dewormer, since vets indeed use it on horses.

When Joe Rogan caught covid, he revealed how using a series of different "unproven" treatments, which included monoclonal antibodies and Ivermectin, saw him get back to normal within a few days - rather than questioning how such supposedly poor treatments could possibly work against this terrible virus so quickly, outlets like CNN claimed Rogan took horse dewormer and labelled him a conspiracy theorist, prompting Rogan to consider suing CNN for defamation.

The Rolling Stone, along with plenty of other media outlets like the afforementioned CNN, ran stories (that are somehow still up despite being thoroughly debunked by the very hospitals in the story) claiming that people were widely overdosing on "horse dewormer" Ivermectin and were overwhelming Oklahoma hospitals to the point gunshot victims were being turned away from the ER.

If they had bothered to ask the hospitals before running the story, they would have realized that the doctor's claims they were basing their article on hadn't worked at the hospitals in question in over two months, no patients had been turned away in the state due to overflow, and not a single patient was treated in those hospitals for complications relating to Ivermectin (including Ivermectin overdoses).

When people have to lie so blatantly to attack something, you may want to consider that they have a vested interest in seeing it fail.

Getting back to the process of approval for the covid vaccines though, we find ourselves taking a look at the wonderfully corrupt and woefully incompetent FDA.

You've no doubt heard that recently, the FDA announced their "approval" of Pfizer's vaccine, now dubbed "COMIRNATY". What you probably don't know is the incredibly dubious loopholes present in the FDA's approval documents that show the vaccine is not actually fully approved until 2023.

The link above is quite the read as most of these types of documents are, and they know most people aren't going to bother to take the time to read it much less understand it.

What those that have read it have discovered however, is that legally, there are two separate Pfizer products - the original vaccine that's been widely distributed worldwide already, and the newly named COMIRNATY vaccine. The vaccine itself is completely identical in form and function, and is the exact same chemical compound - the only difference is the name. But that name, it turns out, is important.

COMIRNATY, the newly named vaccine, is granted approval pending the completion of several long-term safety studies that Pfizer has been conducting (the earliest of which is set to conclude in 2023).

The original vaccine, the one that doesn't have COMIRNATY written on the vials, the one that they'll continue to distribute in the US for the next two plus years, is still using the Emergency Use Authorization that it's already been using (which also shields Pfizer and the FDA from any legal liability) and that has been extended until 2023.

If you read footnote 8 in the FDA's document, you can see how the legal distinction between the two identical vaccines is made clear - and just like that, they can claim they have full FDA vaccine approval despite the vaccine that they're administering not having such approval (it also explains why the other vaccines still have active EUA's despite the Pfizer vaccine supposedly being approved - if it were properly approved now, the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines would legally have to lose their EUA's as an approved treatment for the virus is available).

The FDA's underhandedness shouldn't be a surprise to anyone paying attention - they have a long history of failure, either from sheer incompetence or corruption (or most likely a healthy mix of both).

As NPR reports, one third of new drugs approved from 2001-2010 had their approval later withdrawn over safety issues.

Nearly 8,000 drugs with full FDA approval have been recalled over long-term safety effects in total, from Johnson & Johnson's asbestos-laced baby powder to thalidomide, a drug used to treat nausea in pregnant women that caused serious birth defects. This thread has plenty of examples of drugs the FDA approved that were later recalled, showing just how little an FDA stamp of approval should really mean to people in today's day and age.

A former executive at Pfizer even penned an op-ed in Forbes in 2018 demonstrating the issues that come from the fact that the biopharmaceutical industry provides 75% of the FDA's drug review budget - hmm, I wonder why the FDA keeps failing to properly regulate the very companies that provide them most of their budget?

It's Time for a Boost

As we've seen from the beginning of the pandemic, the goalposts have continuously been changing. Many that took their two doses of miracle vax thought that it would put an end to things and they'd get to return to normal - only for lockdowns and mask mandates to return and now be informed that they're going to need regular booster shots for the foreseeable future.

Like previously discussed, the vaccine's supposed efficacy wanes in a short period of time, meaning in order to stay "protected", more shots are needed to keep up this (ineffective) immunity. Now you'd think that, considering that more adverse reactions are seen in the second doses of the mRNA vaccines than in the first, that any booster shots would need to be thoroughly tested to make sure that they're safe and don't induce even worse reactions.

Unfortunately, that's not what's happening. As Moderna docs submitted for their emergency use exemptions in the European Union indicate, the company has not run any trials on covid boosters for repeated dose toxicology - instead, they were allowed to submit trials for "similar compounds", none of which were for covid or any other coronavirus.

In fact, two high-ranking FDA officials, including the Director of the Office of Vaccines Research & Review, resigned just weeks ago citing pressure from the Biden administration to make decisions that should be the sole discretion of the FDA and of pressure to push through booster shots despite a complete lack of data and safety information.

But hey, we don't need safety information, long-term trials, or proof of efficacy - big pharma is here to help!

After all, Pfizer paid out the largest criminal fine in US history ($2.3 billion) for fraudulent marketing and billions more for all sorts of other cases including making false claims, bribing doctors, and safety violations. Their close second, Johnson & Johnson, who paid out $2.2 billion for their afforementioned cancer-causing baby powder that they knowingly sold for years, and billions more for their own assortment of violations and criminal conduct.

But this time, they're the good guys. They're here to help. Moderna hasn't done anything anything bad (yet)! They haven't made any products before now so they haven't had much chance to commit crimes (at least not for them to be exposed yet), maybe they're the good ones of the bunch?

Now take some more of this rushed out experimental product that is already by far the deadliest vaccine in history, paid for by your tax dollars. Let's save the world together!

Papers, Please

If you've read this far, you can probably tell that vaccine passports are a useless and completely stupid idea. In fact, less than a year ago the mere mention of them was dismissed as a "conspiracy theory" by virtually everyone in the mainstream news and western governments, yet people like myself told anyone who would listen that they were coming. And they are here.

Across various countries and states in the west, vaccine mandates are being pushed onto citizens, their complete violation of constitutional and supposedly guaranteed human rights being called "legal" thanks to far-fetched loopholes and flimsily concocted logic that they claim trumps the laws put in place to protect citizens from the very tyranny we are seeing today.

Despite the fact that these vaccines do not stop infections or limit the spread of the virus (again, they don't even claim to), people are being forced to show proof of vaccination in order to travel, go to restaurants, enjoy any kind of entertainment, and all manner of other things, including their ability to work in many places.

Most astoundingly, virtually none of these passport programs recognize natural immunity. Despite the overwhelming amount of studies showing natural covid protection being far more robust and long-lasting than the current vaccines, and a not-insignificant portion of every population having already been infected at some point, you'll still need to get their jab to enjoy your freedoms. With that, they are forcing you to take additional risk with literally no realistic benefit - if that isn't insanity, I don't know what is.

In the United States, wannabe dictator Joe Biden has forced through executive orders that his own legal team have admitted are using loopholes to "get past" constitutional law (as if, in a constitutional republic, any laws trump the consitution - but it will be whether any federal judges still have the balls to stand up to this lunacy, since the majority of the supreme court have proven they don't).

These orders are forcing companies to require vaccination for their employees, stripping non-compliant members of society of their ability to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families. Biden has even openly claimed to abuse his power to get state governors that don't comply out of the way, further leading the US onto the precipice of civil war.

Up here in Canada, in British Columbia the shiny new vax pass system doesn't allow for any exemptions whatsoever - religious nor medical.

Our schools even allow for exceptions for long-tested vaccines such as polio and measles, as religious freedoms promised in our Bill of Rights dictates, and for simple logic when it comes to people who can't take vaccines for medical reasons - yet for covid, even if you want to get vaccinated but can't, in BC you are treated like a second class citizen.

In Alberta, their supposedly "conservative" premier just months ago said emphatically that vaccine passports were illegal and couldn't be used (he was correct), yet now Alberta is fully adopting Prime Minister Trudeau's federally-funded vaccine pass program which provides federal tax dollars for the province to play with instead of using their provincial funds.

And for those that think getting their pass is just a temporary measure, what about boosters? How long until semi-monthly or even monthly shots are required?

In heavily vaxxed Israel, their new Prime Minister is already blaming vaccinated deaths on victims who haven't gotten their booster shot and is counting the double-dosed as unvaccinated. You must ask yourself: how long are you willing to play along?

Eugenics, the Holocaust, and the Advent of Covid-Fascism

I still hear so many people thinking that the issues we are facing today are somehow "new" or unrelated to history. For those of us that actually pay attention to what has happened in the past, the descent down this slippery slope we're on has been agonizingly obvious.

The worst part? It wasn't even that long ago.

The atrocities that took place during World War II and the events leading up to it should be burned into people's memories regardless of whether it was before they were born, but as they say, how quickly we forget.

People nowadays somehow think that the Nazis simply took over and started rounding up Jews because they felt like it, and the German people simply did nothing to stop it and had nothing to do with it. In reality, the Nazis spent years demonizing Jews, slowly dehumanizing them in the eyes of the public and turning the German people against them until they called on the government to "fix" the problem.

It began with turning people in German society against each other. News articles in the 20's and 30's pushed claims that the Jews were "inherently evil" and regularly compared them to rats, relegating them to "subhuman" status (something I've written about before given our current societal freefall).

Then came discrimination - Jews were expelled from practicing law, Jewish doctors were stripped of insurance and later from practicing medicine entirely, Jewish members of the military were purged after it was deemed they could no longer be trusted to be "loyal" Germans, Jews were stripped of any firearms they possessed, and so forth.

Fast forward to today, we see members of the media and "public health experts" decrying "anti-vaxxers" (ironic, given almost no one in that group is against all vaccines, they are specifically against the experimental vaccines in question), calling them selfish, blaming them for vaccinated people dying (no really, they don't even try to make sense), and even calling for them to die...

In Canada, which is often considered a "kind" country by those that don't live here, our Prime Minister has smeared "anti-vaxxers" as hateful, intolerent (oh the irony), and misogynistic (not sure where that connection was made) - saying there is "no room for them" in Canada before a moment later stating "in our Canada, we make room for everyone". No one ever accused him of being too bright, but the point is the rhetoric he and many others are promoting towards anyone unable or unwilling to get the holy vaccine - just like the socialist NDP party leader in Canada, Jagmeet Singh.

Similarly, Trudeau and many other politicans and bureaucrats like Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci in the US have demonized anti-vaxxers for not only putting society at risk, but for putting children at risk, despite unvaccinated children having a lower risk profile than fully vaccinated adults for covid.

Political force is feeding into the "emergency" they claim exists by manufacturing problems of their own doing - for instance, many health care agencies are firing unvaccinated employees, which often encompasses 20-30% of their staff (hmm, wonder why medical professionals would have such a high rate of "vaccine hesitancy"...), thus reducing hospital capacities which they then blame on unvaccinated individuals.

Even in Texas, where the state is opposing vaccine mandates and totalitarian measures, some hospitals may need to close entirely due to mandates to enforce vaccines on their staff by Medicare and Medicaid, which provide much of their funding.

And then of course there's the vaccine passports, which are attempting to do the very same thing as many of the Nazi anti-Jewish measures did - exclude them from society and strip away their rights, just in this case, it's anyone that won't comply with the government and their "scientific" doctrine rather than because of their religion or race.

After Jews were discriminated against and outcast from many roles in society, they were forced to identify themselves in public with yellow stars to help further the ostracization of Jews from society.

Then, here comes perhaps the most crucial element - the fear of disease and illness thatwas heaped onto the Jews and led to desolate ghettos and eventually concentration camps being formed.

With typhus taking hold in Germany and around the world at the time, Nazi propagandists set out to work on blaming the Jews for spreading the disease. Most Germans, who had already fully turned against the Jewish community at that point, called for the government to step in and protect them (of course, many Jews had already been suffering from attacks from their fellow German citizens, had their businesses burned down, etc. by that point).

That led to the formation of ghettos, where Jews were rounded up and forced to live and die in barbaric conditions to "protect" the rest of the German public. With the ghettos being a rather "ugly" solution to the German public, concentration camps were created to house those poor souls and remove them from the public eye entirely. Those camps were sold to the public as labour camps that also included other "less desirable" people that threatened the safety of Germany - political dissidents, "allies" of Jews, blacks, criminals, the disabled, etc.

It was here that German "doctors" and scientists grotesquely experimented on and tortured their victims under the guise of scientific discovery and medical advancement, until eventually those tortured souls were led into gas chambers where they were often told they'd receive medical treatment, only to find themselves trapped in the Nazi's "final solution".

Fast foward three quarters of a century, and many of the events that led to the atrocities committed in Nazi Germany are mirrored today. We are even seeing the formation of "quarantine camps" created in heavy lockdown states such as Australia and New Zealand.

Modern twists on the old playbook of oppression that are almost tongue-in-cheek Orwellian include people in Southern Australia being forced to download an app which will randomly ping them and require them to respond with a selfie so the app can verify the person is where they are supposed to be, and if they don't comply within 15 minutes, police are dispatched to find them.

The startling re-emergence of eugenics, or the practice of eliminating disabilities and other "undesirable" traits from the human race, a core tenet of the Nazi party, has been on display for the last several years, but has come to a head recently during covid.

Abortions have been a contentious topic for many years now, but disturbingly mainstream views toward selective abortions (such as aborting babies if tests determine they have a high risk of having disabilities like down syndrome - tests that have often proven incorrect) have become the norm, suggesting that those with disabilities be removed from society and aren't worth a chance at life. Liberals and "academics" alike have decried the recent Texas law passed that bans abortions after six weeks, often stating that Texas will see a massive uptick in down syndrome as it can't be detected that early in development and thus more babies with down syndrome will be born.

This selective breeding, often encouraged by groups such as Planned Parenthood that profit off of abortion, is exactly the kind of eugenics that Nazis stood for, and with covid, the modern takes are now being applied to people that are already born.

Variations of the quotes featured on the front of the Toronto Star (see previous image above) can be found all over social media, with growing sentiment that the unvaccinated are dangerous to society and don't deserve any medical treatment or to enjoy the freedoms they're supposed to be guaranteed as citizens of their countries.

You may have heard calls for denying medical care to the unvaccinated recently as well, but in some places, it's already happening. In Canada for example, those that refuse to take the experimental vaccine are being threatened with refusal of life-saving surgeries such as this patient in need of a lung transplant who is taking the issue to court.

Somewhat ironically, laws were put in place across western countries after the atrocities that the Nazis committed were fully unearthed post-WWII. These laws include making it illegal for anyone, including the government, to force, coerce, trick, or otherwise mandate a citizen to take an experimental medical treatment or therapy, and that such medical treatment or therapy is only provided after the citizen provides their informed consent (the exact language of these laws varies by country, but you'll find most are very similar).

Tyrannical governments around the world are currently skirting these laws by claiming that someone still has the right to refuse, they will just have their freedoms and many of their rights stripped from them if they do so (kind of goes against the coercion part of the law, which is why there are so many lawsuits filed in virtually every country that has done this).

Their violation of the consent rule is, legally speaking, a form of assault, as this lawyer quite simply explains.

When laws put in place to stop barbaric practices that the Nazis performed are being ignored or governments are finding "loopholes" to circumvent those laws, one might conclude that things have really gone to shit.

The Canadian Election - A Small Chance to Fight Back

Though this piece has covered a lot of ground already, one last topic of importance to cover is the upcoming Canadian election on September 20th.

The most important aspects to note for Canadians about this election are the fact that our multi-party system has morphed into a uniparty system, with all of the "major" parties coming together on nearly all of their policies with very few notable differences.

The Liberals, NDP, Greens, Bloc, and even the "Conservatives" (who are now about as conservative as Hillary Clinton) have all gone all-in on lockdowns, vaccine passports, masking, and other restrictions. They've even put out a joint ad that has them (in extremely creepy fashion) joining together to implore Canadians for the "greater good" to get vaccinated.

Current Prime Minister Trudeau of the Liberal party has even gone so far as to say the quiet part out loud - they intend to apply the "lessons they've learned" when "fighting covid" to other crises such as climate change. If you were naive enough to think the authoritarianism would stop at covid passports, or that things would ever return to normal after granting a government so much control, you may want to rethink that one.

There's one newer party however that is fighting against tyranny - the People's Party of Canada.

The PPC is literally the only party in the country that vows to protect the rights and freedoms promised in our Bill of Rights, and allow Canadians to make their own medical decisions. It is the only party dedicated to restricting government power and downsizing our incredibly bloated government, and the only party that is focused on a sustainable economic approach that doesn't involve blowing through record amounts of money that future generations will be stuck paying for.

Their platform is one built on logic and sound conservative principles which have been abandoned in Canada, and if we are to escape the downward spiral we are currently trapped in, Canadians have a chance when they go to vote on Monday.

That may be why the party has been ignored all election long by mainstream Canadian media outlets (particularly the CBC, which is funded by taxpayer money and is supposed to be completely impartial as a result, yet is so politically biased they are encroaching on CNN territory - the PPC wants to smartly defund the government propaganda as a result) and party leader Maxime Bernier wasn't allowed in to any of the debates despite polling higher than the Bloc and Green parties (and now they are closing in on the NDP for the third spot).

I implore all my Canadian readers to check out the PPC's platform in full and decide for yourself if tyranny and authoritarianism are worth standing up to now - as history has shown, our window to fight back without endless bloodshed is extremely limited, so do so now before it's too late.

And if you still choose not to, don't say I didn't warn you.


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